7/16/2020 - Taormina FilmFest's sixth day
It is completely dedicated to female directors on the sixth day tomorrow - Thursday 16 July - of the 66th Taormina FilmFest, directed by Leo Gullotta and Francesco Calogero, in theaters and streaming on MYmovies.it until 19 July, produced and organized by Videobank S.p.A. courtesy of the Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation, under the patronage of the Regional Tourism, Sports and Entertainment Department. A varied programming in Room A of the Palazzo dei Congressi in Taormina hosts daily - with free admission and by reservation - the projections of the international competition for first and second works, while the online schedule offers a richer programming, available for 24 hours, accompanied from a daily in-depth strip, on the Festival's Facebook page at 8.45 pm with video documents, archive images, suggestive emotional shots and guest interventions, to narration of a festival that is only partially virtual. Tomorrow, in Room A of the Palazzo dei Congressi, at 5.00 pm, in competition and world preview, the documentary by Nella Condorelli, "THE HISTORY OF SHAME". Between 1880 and 1925 more than seven million Italians emigrated to the American continent: they left first from the North, especially from the Veneto region, bound for Brazil and South America; then, after 1900, from the South and especially from Sicily, mainly directed to North America and the United States. They are farmers, laborers, bricklayers, small craftsmen, workers, seamstresses, students, activists ... The documentary alternates archive images and magnificent black and white photos with the scenes shot today. In them we see the young Fiorella - fourth generation of emigrants in the American continent, and an established model in the world of international high fashion - returning to Sicily to know the places from which her great-grandparents emigrated in 1910, and the deep stories that pushed millions of Italians leaving for an unknown world. By chance he will meet an almost magical theater and a company of itinerant artists. The director will be present at the screening with the protagonists Carmelo Rappisi and Evelyn Famà, the actors who lent the voices, Margherita Malerba and Fabrizio Savoca and part of the technical cast of the film. At 19.30 always in competition and always in Room A of the Palazzo dei Congressi, the screening of the German film "JIYAN". In the company of her husband Harun, the young Hayat is hosted in Berlin by her husband's uncle, who emigrated from Turkey as they do: the uncle's wife, however, is hostile to Hayat, only for the fact that she is Kurdish. What is more, the girl is expecting a baby, and while she waits to find out what their fate as refugees will be, the husband disappears ... Jiyan is a Kurdish term meaning life. it is a famous word, because it is part of the slogan of the women of Kobanê, symbolic city in the Syrian region - mostly Kurdish - of Rojava: Jin, Jiyan, Azadi. It means "Woman, Life, Freedom". Almost a leitmotiv for many stories told in the three sections of this festival, in which the protagonists are strong women - like the Hayat well described by German debut director Süheila Schwenk - fighting to save their lives and their children, and in search of the freedom, far from home. At 9.30 pm always in competition and always in Hall A of the Palazzo dei Congressi, the screening of the Spanish feature film "A THIEF'S DAUGHTER (LA HIJA DE UN LADRóN)". Sara has been alone all her life. He is 22 years old and a child, and his desire is to found a family with his little brother and the father of his son. After years of absence, served a prison sentence, Father Manuel reappears in their lives. Sara understands that man is the main obstacle to her plans, and feels that she has to make the right decision for her and her brother. Starring Eduard Fernández and Greta Fernández - father and daughter even in real life - the film is a development of the award-winning short Sara a la escape, shot in 2015 by 36-year-old Spanish debutant Belén Funes. Film revelation at the Goya 2020 Awards, winner of the prize for Best First Work, and triumph for Greta Fernández at the last San Sebastian Festival: for her the Concha de Plata for Best Actress. Online programming on Mymovies.it starts at 14:00 with the Romanian documentary in world preview "LOST KIDS ON THE BEACH (COPII PIERDUå ¢ I PE PLAJä‚) ". In the Nineties announcements were often heard on Romanian beaches: children who could no longer find their parents were brought to Radio Vacanta, and recovered thanks to those announcements. The director Alina Manolache tries to get in touch with those children, now almost thirty: the description of that getting lost and finding oneself is a metaphor for the existential bewilderment that hovers among young Romanians born "free" after the revolution of 1989, and the fall of the Ceauåÿescu regime. At 3:30 pm for the Indieuropean section the screening of "THE OTHER (L'AUTRE)". Young dancer of the Paris Opera, Marie (Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, formerly in Alaska, by Claudio Cupellini) is a character in search of himself. After the violent death of his father he leads an increasingly closed life, but the love for Paul - a photographer who took the last photo of his father before his death - seems to bring her back to life little by little ... Presented in Taormina in an international preview, L'autre is not a self-belief, but Marie is somehow double the number of the debut director Charlotte Dauphin: as she looks for the ghost of her father who died too soon, with her she shares a feeling of emptiness, the presence of silence . Loaded with psychoanalytic implications, the film is also a poetic promenade, at the same time obscure and touching. At 5:00 pm always streaming and simultaneously with room A of the Palazzo dei Congressi in Taormina, the projection of "THE HISTORY OF SHAME" by Nella Condorelli, at 19:30 "JIYAN", by Süheila Schwenk and, at 21:30, "A THIEF'S DAUGHTER (LA HIJA DE UN LADRóN)", by Belén Funes. The films will be judged and awarded by three juries, composed as follows: FEATURE FILM JURY composed of the actress Emmanuelle Seigner (also President of the Jury), the director Mimmo Calopresti, the producer Ingrid Lill Hç¿gtun, the producer Antonio Pérez Pérez and the actress Joana Preiss. The DOCUMENTARY JURY is chaired by director Goran Devic and also composed by director Antonio Falduto and director Christian Bisceglia. The INDIEUROPEA JURY is made up of students from the Master of Translation, Adaptation and Subtitling of the University of International Studies of Rome.The closing ceremony of the edition - with the participation of the Sicilian Symphony Orchestra, exceptionally conducted by Alvise Casellati and of the band The Magic Door - will take place on July 19th and will see the winners of the three competitive sections and with the delivery of the traditional Cariddi Awards, Taormina Arte Award - among these the one delivered to Laura Delli Colli, President of Nastri d'Argento and SNGCI National Union of Italian Film Journalists - and the Polyphemus Masks, prizes made by the Goldsmith Master Michele Affidato. Radio Monte Carlo is the official radio of the event. The media partners of the event also included Eurovision, the South Publishing Company (Giornale di Sicilia / Gazzetta del Sud), La Sicilia Multimedia and Mymovies.it. Hotel Metropole Taormina is the official hotel of the event. For more information and purchase tickets www.taorminafilmfest.it