7/17/2020 - Taormina FilmFest's seventh day
Seventh day tomorrow - Friday 17 July - of the 66th Taormina FilmFest, directed by Leo Gullotta and Francesco Calogero, in theaters and streaming on MYmovies.it until 19 July, produced and organized by Videobank S.p.A. courtesy of the Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation, under the patronage of the Regional Tourism, Sports and Entertainment Department. A varied programming in Room A of the Palazzo dei Congressi in Taormina hosts daily - with free admission and by reservation - the projections of the international competition for first and second works, while the online schedule offers a richer programming, available for 24 hours, accompanied from a daily in-depth strip, on the Festival's Facebook page at 8.45 pm with video documents, archive images, suggestive emotional shots and guest interventions, to narration of a festival that is only partially virtual.Tomorrow, in Hall A of the Palazzo dei Congressi, at 7.00 pm, "THE KING DIES". The only Italian film in competition, it originates from the Shakespearean drama Richard II by William Shakespeare. The Neapolitan director Laura Angiulli has dedicated years of study and work to the Elizabethan theater. Taking advantage of extraordinary locations, the film appropriates the text with independent processing, while substantially preserving its plot and passages. Richard II is the drama of the fall of a king: a king who does not dominate but suffers events, inept in the government of a great kingdom, completely devoid of political sense and strategic ability; a deaf monarch at the instances of the wise advisers and succubus of corrupt flatterers; a fickle, imaginative, emotional character, whose talents are those of a missed artist; a man torn by an incurable conflict between his own reality as an individual and the role in which fate has imprisoned him: that of king by divine right.At 21.30 always in competition "CRITICAL THINKING". Just as Il re dies, the directorial debut of the well-known actor John Leguizamo - who had already directed the boxing drama Undefeated for the HBO television network in 2003 - did not receive any screening in the theater before Taormina, but only an online passage to the Texan South by Southwest. It is 1998, and a group of boys belonging to the working class in Miami find themselves reunited by the chess coach Mario Martinez (played by Leguizamo himself) on the premises of Jackson High School. Thanks to Martinez's lessons and stimuli, the boys will become the first team in the city to win the U.S. National Chess Championship. Based on a true story.The online programming on Mymovies.it begins at 14:00 with the documentary in competition "LEOFORíO". The surprising Argentine doc El cielo sobre Riace, presented last Wednesday at the Taormina FilmFest, is not the first to tell the experience of Mimmo Lucano: four years ago on the same topic was shot A country of Calabria, the work of two Italian-French directors, Shu Aiello and Catherine Catella. They are now moving to Greece to travel up and down on buses. Leoforìo is a journey, a daily run of 100 kilometers. From the chaotic and overpopulated capital of Athens to the town of Eritres, the bus - leoforìo in Greek - winds its way between the coast, the mountain roads and deserted villages. A brief look at everyday life, to grasp the people's stamina in times of crisis.At 3:30 pm for the Indieuropean section the screening of "THE NOSE OR THE CONSPIRACY OF MAVERICKS". Freely inspired by the story Nos (1836) by Nikolaj Vasil'evič Gogol, then transposed into a funny opera in three acts by Dmitri Shostakovich in 1930, the latest effort of the Russian animator Andrey Khrzhanovsky presents itself as "a combination of historical events, biographies and masterpieces by artists, composers and writers of the Russian avant-garde and totalitarianism ". Indeed The Nose or the Conspiracy of Mavericks does not seem to follow a uniform aesthetic: alternating mixed media, live-action, CGI animation, paper figurines, newspaper clippings, digital collage, pastel and charcoal colors, the main joint is that of quotationism, a succession of crowds, people and recurring characters of Russian contemporary history. On a night plane, while two gentlemen discuss Gogol's proto-surrealist novel and what it means to be civilized today, the classics of Soviet cinema alternate on monitors. Thus appears the well-known sequence of the staircase taken from the battleship Potemkin, there is Tarkovsky, there are Dziga Vertov and Pudovkin, there are all the playwrights, the musicians, the artists reproduced in animated figures in stop motion on glass.At 17:30 the screening of the documentary in competition "OH LES FILLES!". What if French rock was born with Edith Piaf? From sixties pop to today's gender claims, from rebellious feminism of the seventies to fashion icons of the era of social media, from Françoise Hardy to Christine and the Queens, passing through Vanessa Paradis, Catherine Ringer, Charlotte Gainsbourg and many others, Oh Les filles! tells the unpublished story of the French rock stars. Narrated by Clémence Poésy, François Armanet's documentary combines interviews and iconic films to subvert the prospects and kick the patriarchy, managing to compose with a few touches a revealing image of the conquest of the French music scene by women. : 00 always streaming and simultaneously with room A of the Palazzo dei Congressi in Taormina, the screening of "IL RE MUORE, by Laura Angiulli and, at 9.30 pm," CRITICAL THINKING ", directed by John Leguizamo. The films will be judged and awarded by three juries, composed as follows: FEATURE FILM JURY composed of the actress Emmanuelle Seigner (also President of the Jury), the director Mimmo Calopresti, the producer Ingrid Lill Hç¿gtun, the producer Antonio Pérez Pérez and the actress Joana Preiss. The DOCUMENTARY JURY is chaired by director Goran Devic and also composed by director Antonio Falduto and director Christian Bisceglia. The INDIEUROPEA JURY is made up of students from the Master of Translation, Adaptation and Subtitling of the University of International Studies of Rome.The closing ceremony of the edition - with the participation of the Sicilian Symphony Orchestra, exceptionally conducted by Alvise Casellati and of the band The Magic Door - will take place on July 19th and will see the winners of the three competitive sections and with the delivery of the traditional Cariddi Awards, Taormina Arte Award - among these the one delivered to Laura Delli Colli, President of Nastri d'Argento and SNGCI National Union of Italian Film Journalists - and the Masks of Polyphemus, prizes made by the Goldsmith Master Michele Affidato. Radio Monte Carlo is the official radio of the event. The media partners of the event also included Eurovision, the South Publishing Company (Giornale di Sicilia / Gazzetta del Sud), La Sicilia Multimedia and Mymovies.it. Hotel Metropole Taormina is the official hotel of the event. For more information and purchase tickets www.taorminafilmfest.it