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5/20/2020 - Nastro d'argento of the year 2020 to Giorgio Diritti for the Volevo Nascondermi
An award for excellence for producers, Carlo Degli Esposti and Nicola Serra for Palomar and Paolo Del Brocco for Rai Cinema, Giorgio Rights for the essential style of an important director and the extraordinary performance of Elio Germano. With the appreciation of the Film Journalists for a team that has made with a high quality artistic and technical contribution a film about the loneliness of mental illness but, above all, the emotional story of a difficult marginalization The news officially kicks off the 2020 Tapes: appointment for the announcement of the streaming nominations at the end of May and the end of June delivery of the Tapes mask and space but 'live'. Rome, 19 May – Goes to Giorgio Diritti ' film I wanted to hide the "Nastro of the Year" 2020, a recognition that the Directorship of The Film Journalists assigns by traditionally choosing a work that deserves a particular emphasis of excellence, in addition to the verdict that annually awards the best of the year through the vote of all the members of the National Union of Italian Film Journalists that awards the Tapes since 1946. The Ribbon of the Year, an award of excellence that goes beyond the nominations, goes to Palomar and Rai Cinema for production, Giorgio Diritti for directing and of course to the exceptional performance of Elio Germano, who will receive the awards, as every year, at the end of June, also in this particular edition that will take place in Rome. On this occasion the team will also receive a special award, from writing to technical collaborations, to make-up and hair styling - worked in the sign of quality, for a great result. I wanted to hide, successfully presented in competition in Berlin - where for his extraordinary performance Elio Germano won the Silver Bear as best lead actor - receives the Ribbon of the Year because, as the motivation reads, it is "A film that, with the essential style of simplicity, focuses on the suffering and personal talent of a man who, through the explosion of his irrepressible creativity , manages to fill the void of loneliness and overcome the discomfort of marginalization and mental illness. But, beyond the story of a character so extraordinarily 'different', a reflection on the deep contradictions of a world that - to put it precisely with its extraordinary protagonist - marches at high speed in every direction forgetting 'all the wrong, all the wrong, all the marginalized, all the outcasts', the Ligabue who are in the midst of so much civilization." "