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1/9/2020 - Leo Gullotta, Francesco Calogero and Francesco Alò are the artistic director of Taormina FilmFest
Videobank will organize the 2020-2022 editions of TaorminaFilmFest.Leo Gullotta, Francesco Calogero and Francesco Alò make up the Art Committee, which brings the International Competition back to its origins with the first and second works. Taormina Film Fest and Videobank S.p.A. again together for the next three years, under the auspices of the Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation and the Regional Council of Sports and Entertainment Tourism led by Dr. Manlio Messina, to continue writing the story of one of the longest-running and most prestigious international film festivals in Europe. The lucky partnership renews the passion, the commitment and of course the ambitions at the end of a flourishing two years that – for the first time in a troubled decade – has attested to the results of a forward-looking management, respectful of the history of the event. After crossing the threshold of the sixty-five spring of the festival, the leading company in telecommunications and video broadcasting starts again, with an edition that is inspired by the tradition of the past but that projects firmly to the future, with a safe guide achieve further and lasting successes. The 66th edition, which will take place from 28 June to 4 July 2020, will see the work of an Artistic Committee – already at work in programming – to be part of the development of the only historical events of Taorminesi and the "philological" instance already intra- taken from the production chaired by general manager Lino Chiechio and sole administrator Maria Guardia Pappalardo. Leading the festival with the usual enthusiasm Leo Gullotta, winner of 3 David di Donatello and 4 Silver Ribbons, Sicilian icon in the world just coming back from the voice acting of Joe Pesci in "The Irishman" by Martin Scorsese and the overwhelming success of acclaimed tours Theatrical. It is instead a return to the origins for the director Francesco Calogero – historical collaborator of the festival, former organizer of the retrospectives and curator of the catalog under the artistic direction of Guglielmo Biraghi and Sandro Anastasi, then also conductor of the meetings with the authors in subsequent editions directed by Enrico Ghezzi – to which the competitive categories of the Official Selection are entrusted. Francesco Alò, since 2002 signed for Il Messaggero, undisputed and authoritative protagonist of video-reviews on the web for, to take charge of the titles that inpart the "new course" of audiovisual, from the beloved TV series of the most famous platforms and their protagonists to the blockbusters that every night will populate the Ancient Theatre, as well as the more than 3,000 spectators who watched the debut of Jon Watts' "Spider-Man: Far From Home" on July 5th. And, always from the perspective of an "opération vérité", it is a precise editorial choice that of wanting to return to reserve the main categories of international competitive categories to the first and second works as when, in the sign of a lucky and memorable festival era in Taormina, in 1973, Steven Spielberg's film debut with "Duel" was awarded (not forgetting those of Robert Rodriguez with "El mariachi", by Luca Guadagnino with "Here" and the countless novelties proposed in Film Week). Thus the link between the noble tradition of the event and the renewed appointment that – rediscovered the appropriate competitiveness and continuity – is not only nourished by memories but, enhancing the territory and with a broad strategic vision, continues its unstoppable growth on an eminent level, always at the center of film programming and the festival industry.