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1/7/2020 - Simple Minds and Ben Harper 's concert scheduled to the Ancient Theatre
Two major concerts already announced at the Ancient Theatre of Taormina promoted by Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation: on Saturday 18th July Simple Minds, the Scottish group that wrote memorable pages of the history of rock, signed pop masterpieces and experimental albums and on Monday 10th August Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals, one of the most acclaimed musicians on the world stage multiple times platinum records known how to range from folk rock music to reggae. Two events wanted and promoted by the most important regional institutions: the Regional Councilor for Tourism, Sport and Entertainment Manlio Messina, the Secretary General of The Foundation Taormina Arte Sicilia Ninni Panzera, the Mayor of Taormina Mario Bolognari. The Simple Minds live show is an anticipation of the prestigious program of the fourth edition of TAOmusica (edited by Puntoeacapo with the artistic direction of Nuccio La Ferlita). Ben Harper's long-awaited concert with his historic band is organized by Music from Bere S.r.l.