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11/29/2019 - From 6 to 8 December at the House of Cinema three plays dedicated to Women
The Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation has chosen three intense plays to open the room inside the Casa del Cinema at the theatre. In fact, from 6 to 8 December the Theatre Review dedicated to Women with "My father, a magistrate" of and with Clara Costanzo; "Cleopatra" by Gianni Guardigli with Carmen Panarello and "Padam Padam" a tribute concert to Edith Piaf with Adele Tirante and Mirko Dettori. The review begins on Friday, December 6 at 5:30 with a memory of Rocco Chinnici, magistrate killed by the mafia, told by his daughter in "It is so slight your kiss on the forehead" and rewritten for the theater by Clara Costanzo, "My father, a magistrate". The work comes from the meeting of Clara Costanzo, author and interpreter, with Caterina Chinnici, the daughter of the magistrate, on a hot summer afternoon, in Sicily: a few words of understanding, glances of mutual esteem and the common desire to narrate a life of a hero, a martyr but above all a man, a husband, a father. On Saturday 7 December also at 5.30 p.m. is the turn of "Cleopatra" by Gianni Guardigli, curated by and with Carmen Panarello, collaboration with the project of Giampiero Cicciò, the story of a woman born and raised in Rimini, owner of the Hotel del Lido that, inherited from her father Tolomeus when it was a bar, it is instead turned into a big Hotel. There he meets Munir, a Syrian, with whom the enterprising businesswoman weaves a bond that becomes love. Our Cleopatra unknowingly imbued with subtle veins of racism, she finds herself having to defend her love. The Theatre Review dedicated to women ends on Sunday 8 December at 5.30 p.m. with a tribute to the chansonnière Edith Piaf, great international interpreter of the most beautiful French songs with a concert show "Padam Padam" with Adele Tirante and Mirko Dettori . "Padam" is the name by which Parisians used to call their city and "Padam Padam" is the title of a famous song sung by Edith Piaf. The Women's Theatre Review is organized by the Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation and supported by the Regional Tourism, Sport and Entertainment, Cultural Heritage, Taormina Municipality, FilmCommissionion, Contemporary Senses, Mibac and the Agency for territorial cohesion. Free entry. Info: 3917462146