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6/6/2019 - The winner of the Tape of Legality is A mano disarmata
A mano disarmata by Claudio Bonivento won the tape of legality. The film was born a year ago on the initiative of film journalists together with the Trame-Festival of books on mafias directed by Gaetano Savatteri to emphasize the value of denunciation of that Cinema which deals with civil commitment that has rediscovered a new season of vivacity. The motivation is in the same words of Federica Angeli, author of the autobiographical book that inspired the film: "Who is on the right side never loses. Who has chosen to face open the Mafia the head will never bow. Because on the scales in the evening you climb alone, with your conscience, and it is to you that you answer. " The film in Sala from the day after tomorrow, June 6, distributed by Eagle Pictures, is produced by Laser Digital Film in collaboration with Rai Cinema. The screenplay, based on the book published by Baldini and Castoldi, is signed by Domitilla Shaula Di Pietro in collaboration with Federica Angeli herself.