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9/9/2019 - A cinema room opens at the cinema house in Taormina
The Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation, after the summer events at the Teatro Antico with tips of excellence (Andrea Bocelli and Monica Guerritore on all), continues with the autumn and winter activity, the one most expensive to the City of Taormina, with the opening - the next 13 September at the House of Cinema - of a room that will permanently host a film programming. It starts with rare and unreleased films, shot in Taormina. Unique frames not only of well-known figures but also of symbolic glimpses of the city: the Ancient Theatre, the charm and luxury of the San Domenico, the evocative Umberto Course, the many alleys, the Villa Comunale, the railway station, the Bella Island, the Cape Taormina and Etna's grandeur. To inaugurate the new cultural space a German film, unpublished in Italy, by Hans Deppe Gitarren klingen leise durch die Nacht (1959), in the original version with specially made Italian subtitles. A romantic and musical film starring Fred Bertelmann, Margit Nure and Vivi Bach. The plot is simple: Fred Wiener, a well-known Austrian singer, travels alone to Sicily and lives in a small villa in Taormina. The owner is a beautiful Sicilian named Marina. During a part y, the two sing and dance together and discover themselves hopelessly in love but Fred, before leaving, announced in Vienna his marriage to the dancer Ninon Lorraine... The programming will continue until mid-November with numerous other goodies including Richard Brooks's The Wonderful Image (1951) but also Michelangelo Antonioni's The Adventure (1960). The inauguration, which represents an important turning point in the cultural life of Taormina, will be attended by the Regional Councilor for Tourism, Sport, Entertainment Manlio Messina, the Mayor of Taormina Mario Bolognari and the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Foundation Taormina Arte Sicilia, Pietro Di Miceli. In addition, given the considerable appreciation and the many visitors, the exhibition "The Stars of Taormina" is extended until January 6, 2020, also at the House of Cinema. The exhibition - curated by Ninni Panzera - offers, through strictly original materials, a very particular view of Taormina, that of the sets of the 46 films that have "chosen" Taormina as their extraordinary location and of which citizens and tourists will be able to enjoy the images thanks to the upcoming film program.