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7/11/2019 - Taormina FilmFest: publication of the call for the possibility of three-year programming
The echoes of the success of the 65th edition of the Taormina Film Festival, which the Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation already thinks about the future of Kermesse cinema, have not been extinguished yet. It was in fact published on the institutional website of the Foundation, as anticipated during the closing press conference of the Festival, the new notice that provides for the sponsorship and organization of the Film Festival for the three-year period 2020 - 2022. Full sharing and satisfaction was expressed in this regard by the new Councillor for Tourism Manlio Messina who noted the opportunity to proceed with a timely programming that is the basis, not only of the cultural result and of image of the Festival, but also of significant tourist significance in the capital of Sicilian tourism. The Councilor also announced that in the coming days he will be in Taormina to meet with Mayor Mario Bolognari, with whom to define the strategic path that the Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation will have to take on the problems of the organization on territory of a system that looks with increasing interest at the times of an artistic programming to be made coincide with the times of the tourist organization. And the publication of the three-year call for the Film Festival goes in this direction. From July 27, with the ballet Shine Pink Floid Legend, with live music, continues the summer season of Taormina Arte that includes in August important theatrical and musical events, including the day of August 10 together with Monica Warrior. The beautiful theatrical protagonist will open with the dawn at the Ancient Theatre, with the recital From Hell to Infinity (05:00) and in the evening will rerun with While I stole the life dedicated to Alda Merini.